Ari Contratas is located in Arriate. Thanks to a large team of own employees and a network of permanent specialists, we have been taking on projects in Andalucia since 1985, roughly in the area between Malaga, Granada and Cadiz. Our strength lies in good teamwork, efficient collaboration and job satisfaction. With the goal of delivering a good job and have very satisfied customers.



We help our clients from A to Z:


Construction is technology. The combination of these is essential for a sustainable building, but also offers many possibilities to give a building its own character. Whether you opt for modern, traditional or practical. Our team has technical architects and stylists. Within your wishes we give your project its own character. Taking care of all work drawings and contacts with the municipality for permits.


Through various studies, years of experience and knowledge of the latest technology, we are expert in the field of renovation, reconstruction and new construction projects. We have all the necessities, from trucks, containers, sanders to cement mixers. All our employees are insured, we arrange permits and try to prevent as much noise as possible.


Our customers regularly know exactly what they are looking for, but they cannot find the right building or location. We work together with brokerage firms with whom we can find the perfect location. We support with the purchase and all the paperwork that comes with it.


We work together with both local and foreign stylists. From Scandinavian to classic English or Boho holiday style. They have experience in choosing the right building materials, use of color and furniture. Based on your wishes, they make a mood board and help you find the right furniture and decorations. Whether it’s your own house or for renting out.


Permits, you can’t ignore them. Depending on where you want to renovate or build, you will have to deal with the municipality or province. We know the legislation and we know which path we must take to obtain permits. We are also aware of the regulations that new construction must comply with and which environmental legislations are in progress.


If you live abroad and are not always able to maintain your property yourself, we offer support. Even when you make your property as an investment and want to rent it out, we also offer check-in / out services and even publications on platforms such as booking and airbnb, in addition to maintenance.



we have followed various studies and we have a huge network of professionals


years of local experience and therefore a wide network


active since 1985 and experience in various different projects

Happy clients

we believe in the good of people and act accordingly, which gives us satisfied customers

What our clients say about us

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There´s a big difference in creating the structure of a building and doing the finishings. Obviously you may say, but we have worked with many different builders before where the same people do evertying, although some tasks need to be done by specialists. The great thing about working with ARI is that they have a very skilled team and at the same time they subcontract the best professionals for jobs like electricity, carpentry and paint work. Another great thing about working with ARI is communication. You will simly never have to ask for things twice if you wish a job to be done in a certain way you like. This takes out a lot of inefficiencies, hassle and stress.


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Calle Ronda 3, Arriate, Málaga, Spain